Double Black Cafe

Situated at the base of the Kicking Horse gondola, Double Black is an exciting discovery for those seeking authentic mountain cuisine. Traditional Canadian flavours and ingredients come together with influences from around the globe for truly unique dishes. From Avocado Toast to the Saganaki Burger, Double Black does not disappoint. 

As the main chef, Joel leads his team based on his own culinary experiences. Together with partner Mel, they delight in challenging themselves to recreate their own take whenever they discover something truly delicious. 

Avocado Toast

Perfectly toasted bread topped with avocado, crumbled cheese, kalamata olives. It is then drizzled lightly with their house made sauce (think nutritional yeast) and fresh parsley. I could hardly put it down, this is seriously good. 

Saganaki Burger

The pretzel bun is perfectly chosen to accompany the saganaki cheesey goodness that is this burger. Oh my goodness. It’s something you simply have to experience. I chose the beet salad as the side, and I have to say that it was really good, fresh mint, crumbled cheese, nuts, all the things. I ate the whole thing, needless to say.

Potato Wedges

A plate full of perfectly seasoned potato wedges, served with a garlic dip or a sweet honey chilli dip, try both, trust me it’s worth it. 

Double Black Cafe is open 7 days a week during the summer and winter season. It is located at the base of the gondola at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. You can find them on Facebook. They proudly serve Kicking Horse Coffee and Fiasco Gelato. 

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