Bluebird Cafe

One of my absolute favourite places to sit and drink coffee is in the window at the Bluebird Cafe. Maybe it’s the huge windows that let in so much light. That and the smell of coffee brewing and baked goods coming out of the oven, it really is a delight for the senses… Anyway, the longer I sit here, the happier I am. It’s the perfect combination.

Sometimes I have a book to keep me company, but often times I come here to meet a friend. Or a sister. Or my mom. You get the idea. Bluebird cafe is a great place to hang out, whether you’re just grabbing some takeout or stopping in for a bit of a recharge, no matter what you have planned for the day. So, if you see me sitting in the window with my eyes closed and a big mug of fresh latte in my hands, I’m in my happy place … haha. 

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